Infrared Sauna - eliminate toxins through your sweat. Great for heavy metal detoxification. Infrared saunas also provide a passive exercise by working your cardiovascular system.

Most enjoy taking an Infrared Sauna either wrapped in a towel or naked. You can meditate, relax or read; alone or with a friend.

We provide towels, plenty of water and although we do not suggest taking a shower afterwards, we do have one available for your use. 

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An Iridology session consists of non-invasively taking a picture of both of your eyes and then analyzing your iris' for tissue strength and weakness throughout your body, lymphatic congestion and chemical deposits. This information is helpful in determining what areas of your body could use some attention and recommendations are offered.     

Each picture can be used as a baseline to monitor your progress.

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Qi Energy Healing Session

Qi Energy Healing helps you clear energy blockages along your meridians in an effort to promote optimal physical and emotional well being.

Qi energy is the life force that flows through all living things. It supports our organs and cells and is responsible for the functioning of our body. However, our busy, modern lifestyles can drain this essential energy, creating blockages in the body. People report that, despite a healthy diet and enough exercise and rest, they still feel tired. This is because they have depleted their reserves of Qi energy.

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For new clients this initial detoxification consultation provides a wealth of information on how your body heals and how "dis-ease" occurs in the body. Clients will be required to complete a health assessment form. Information from health assessment form along with clients iridology reading (if taken) will be used to discuss client health issues, their root cause and how to reverse them. Diet, herbal and essential oils recommendations will be given based on this information.

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